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Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
For simplicity sake and for safety/security reason, I've decided to mount and lock my car charger.

I bought an electrical breaker box that's just a bit bigger than the control module for the charger and gutted the inside. Keeping in mind this is a 110/220v portable charger and not a standard wall mount unit. I was able to cut out a slot at the bottom to keep the module high and dry and away from the weather. The charger is waterproof of course but keeping it protected and lockable makes it easier to leave outside which makes charging and put away much easier.

The circuit breaker cut-out perfectly fits the charger view screen and control button. My buddy said he might even install a different box that would
have RV/NEMA 6-20 plug in one box so I don't have to use any adapter but still be able to use my RV plug when needed.

Clean. For now, you don't really need an EV but for sure in the near future. California is banning sales of gas vehicles by 2035 and GM is going all electric production by 2035. So, for now we're safe but 2035 ain't so far off considering it's only 14 years from now--a lot of manufacturers and States might change course towards electric in the mean time.
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