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Originally Posted by hooligan_clt View Post
Uh, what? "I've forgotten the damn weight is called a kettlebell"? You mean the weight that I called a kettlebell in my post that you quoted?

Also, "you're".

You posted:

Whatever that exercise is, it's not a kettlebell swing. Your words, own 'em. If you're doing "full squat"s during your "kettlebell swings", you're doing it wrong.
Kettlebell starts at point A, and carries momentum SWINGING UP to point B! It's called proper form as seen below!

"Hip hinging" and hyperflexion through L1-L5 into the hip girdle creates more problems than solutions! This is the reason deadlifting is taught chin up, eyes high, shoulders back, chest up, explodes through the floor finishing at a NEUTRAL SPINE!

Sorry I left my Crayons at home today for you to understand that, but I'm sure you can imagine the stick figure in your mind lol!

Did you also take the tool known as a "thigh master" so literally? Wow!

Your officially my new FAV!

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