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Originally Posted by DonaldPump View Post
Cheater KB swings? TF are you talking about. Russian KB swings and American KB swings are standard movements in no matter what type of training you do. Are you a westside guy that does banded everything?
Lol, I'm talking controlled full ROM vs. explosion off the hips. Let deadlifts do that work!

I honestly hate resistance band work, it was just a fast way to add "weight" to the heaviest KB on hand. I'm a dynamic type lifter rather than static. Less chance of injury!

Today's lift for example was:

275# incline press 5x5
120lb(each hand) DB Swiss stability ball flat chest press, yes it's a game of trust with the ball
4x8 heavy free weight dip machine
pronated standing chest cable flyes super with rope pull overs to failure.

That YouTube video is hilarious! Can't tell though if that guy was legit like that personality wise, or just "bro'ing " it.....

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