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Originally Posted by FlaPatsFan View Post
Címon guys canít we all just get along??? Lol.

Letís help out the original poster. This CF dispute could go on and on and.....

Some ppl just donít like it for whatever reason. Like I said early CF is not for everyone. But you wonít know if you donít try.
I did 3 WODs as a what's the hype all about platform, and personally was incredibly bored. Then again I'm too analytical and "flow" of a workout is important to me, plus me being school on old school principles of heart rate control, unilateral engagement and isolation, and neutralizing imbalances in physique just run through my blood too much I suppose lol! The CF "coach" that instructed that I knew personally still to this day hates the fact I could out lift him on wide grip pull ups while he looked like a flopping fish on a bar!

FLAPATSFAN, I think we'd definitely have a good lift!

I will say, one of my new favorite heart rate spike lifts for cardio is resistance banded 75lb kettlebell swings for 5 sets of 40..... not off the hips, but full squat to front raise. I don't like to chance crushing my nuts by doing cheater KB swings.
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