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Originally Posted by Zyal8r View Post
Glad you brought that up. I have owned 300+HP cars since the 60s. They did have limited slip differentials,but no electronics whatsoever. Now with the electronics and the buttons the driver doesn't get much chance to learn the car under controlled conditions with the electronics off. We also did not have wide low profile, staggered tire set ups with negative camber. I am thinking that with dsc off it will understeer strongly but as you warned, require careful throttle to avoid sudden power oversteer when cornering. ("which can be fun") With the DSC off is it any different than any other car in that respect or is it more dramatic because of the rearward weight bias?
It is way different than my e90 325i. Yes 325 is a slow car and doesn't have LSD either but I can turn the DSC off when it rains/snow and have fun. I tried same thing with the Z more than 10 times, still cannot handle it properly when it starts spinning.
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