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Originally Posted by Zyal8r View Post
That's good to know. I really hate when I am doing a right on red and I want to get out in front of a line of traffic or a dump truck and I get a pause. I can"t believe a pause is a safety benefit. Is mine working right? What if I hold the button down in sport or sport +
So now I guess I have to remember to hold the button down before entering traffic while turning. Anyone else having this experience or is this just me?
I don't really recommend turning it off and floor, if you don't have enough "DSC OFF" experience. These cars don't have LSDs, so it is so hard to control the car after it spins. One wheel start spinning, car stops giving power to that wheel but other wheel is still getting the power so you may loss your control easily. It is fun after you learn it but would be a nightmare if you spin middle of the road.
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