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Just ordered by first Z4 - an sDrive28i manual, with quite a few goodies. I'm really looking forward to driving it away in September!

I'm currently driving a factory-tuned 275bhp Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T V6, which certainly doesn't have the balance of a Z4, but is comfortable and quick, albeit with moderately poor fuel economy and terrible emissions.

I used to have an '06 Mini Cooper S, which was a riot to drive but uncomfortable on long journeys and terribly, terribly thirsty: I generally averaged 19mpg!

In coming to the Z4 sDrive28i, I test drove an sDrive23i (lovely car, but didn't really have enough torque for me), an sDrive30i auto (superb engine, still not sold on automatics although they're nice and smooth), an Audi TTS manual (way too peaky, and almost scarily quick), an Audi TT flappytronic (smooth, unexciting, crap ride, and not really any more practical than the Z4), and a Jaguar XF (more torque than a train, very smooth, doesn't feel like you're connected to the road, incredibly comfortable, but also unexciting).

I was about to settle on an sDrive30i when I read about the 28 and thought "You know what? more torque, better acceleration, better fuel economy and lower car tax? I'd be mad not to wait." The dealer was good enough to honour the deal I'd got on the sDrive30i and give me the new "media pack" spec upgrade, so it worked beautifully for me.

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