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Originally Posted by VailM3 View Post
You realize that an SLK55 is only 3.5k more base than a 35iS. Your logic is off.when you say similarly equipped cars. Looks aside the SLK55 AMG is FAR FAR more car than a 35iS.

To compete with a SLK55 a fictional e89 Z4M would cost between 80-85k. a good 12-17k more than a SLK55. Its lucky the SLK looks like crap bc if it was reverse and the BMW was the dog and the MB was the looker.. NOBODY not ONE person would chose a 35iS vs a full blown AMG car for what makes no difference in price.
I dont' disagree with you about the SLK but I was referencing the above comments comparing the Z4 with the M3. Base M3 vert is 68K, just 4K more than the 35is. The M3 is a lot more performance car in many ways, but it can also be a daily driver, fetching groceries and hauling the kids around,etc. Not so easy with the Z4. Hence the "want" factor and the ability by BMW to up the cost.
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