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Originally Posted by baege View Post
I don't drive the M2C very often, in fact lately I have been only driving it 1-2 times a week.

And it's nothing about the M2C in particular, I have been feeling like I will get to that point with any car...even my end game car (the 458 italia).

and that thought (what's the point, I will eventually get bored anyways) seems to have made me give up striving for that next car that I will have the passion for. I used to love the chase for my next car, and now I seem to be not so interested in that chase. I gots no car ambition! It's a weird place to be in for me. What now gardening?
2 things for me: Mod the house, which is even more expensive than modding cars. And traveling. Also got into running a year ago when COVID started.

Forgot to mention in my first post that while there are still a few cars I'm looking forward to, the list is getting smaller. I know the direction the car industry is heading is inevitable, but I genuinely feel like we've reached the ceiling of cars that I love years ago. Apart from the G87, I literally cannot think of something else I'd want to add. Everything else will just be electric appliances to get me from A to B, which kind of puts me at ease.

It's actually been nice to see links for reviews and press releases, and think to myself "I actually don't care" --> Pretty much all Mclarens these days for example
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