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Originally Posted by erickonphoenix View Post
I have a similar problem but it's not with cars it's with women
lolol - I have used that line before - 'at least it's not women!'

I hadn't been keeping count but a neighbor made a comment recently that made me stop and think - I've had eight different vehicles since moving from downtown Chicago to the burbs - will be four years this summer.

Some of the comments on speed here really resonate. I freaked myself out a few times in my M2 - too easy to go waaay too fast very quickly.

Part of my internal rationale for going w/ a Humvee as my most recent 'fun' vehicle was to literally slow down and hopefully mitigate a bit of the risk that comes along with that 'need for speed' (fast forward and of course I'm back in a stupid quick BMW as my daily)

I digress but there's a life lesson here somewhere...

Being someone who gets that itch for something different all too often, I'm quite intrigued by Classic Car Club Manhattan. That fleet is something else. Their curation is spot on to my tastes.

Believe there are similar outfits in other larger cities. Who knows how that type of setup would feel once you sat with it for awhile but it's interesting nonetheless. OP, anything like that in TO you could check out?
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