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You ever lose the love?

So I've been a carnut since I was about 15. I am middle aged, and I've had 20 cars since.

Compared to some dudes I meet at car meets, I am not THAT into cars but I always loved to talk about them, get excited when I see a cool one, and loved always to think about my next one (even if I am loving the car I have).

I do tend to get bored of cars pretty quickly, say 6 months to a year. This is now happening with my current car, a 2020 M2 comp manual.

I don't go for joy rides anymore and don't really care to keep the car clean and shiny.

Usually when this happens, I start thinking about what my next car will be. And usually it will be about reaching that next level. So lately I've been thinking about either a porsche cayman 4.0 GTS manual or a 2010 to 2015 r8 V10 manual.

But more recently, after driving a v10 r8 manual, I seem to have lost the love a little. I don't find myself lusting after that car, or even a 458 italia, which has always been my absolute dream car.

In the back of mind, I say to myself, what's the point you are going to get bored of that car like any other car. I also think about the hassles that will come with a higher end car like that. Part of me says just get a decent manual compact sized normally aspirated car and be done with it. I am thinking the new BRZ might fit the bill.

The car I have loved driving the most to date, was my 2014 Cayman S manual. My first test drive of one, I was literally smiling and laughing pretty much the whole time and I had to have one, so I ordered one. I absolutely loved that that car, couldn't get enough of it, went for joyrides. But eventually I got bored of it.

Given how much I loved that car when I first got it, I know the same will happen with what ever car I get and I kinda feel like I just want to chill out and get a reasonably fun car and quit chasing a car I really feel the passion for.

You ever been there?

It could be the pandemic blues, but I've never lost the love like that before.
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