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Originally Posted by omasou View Post
Did you click on the ArsTech link. There was an observational study which is probably as close as you'll get.

Clinical trials are designed to prove the benefit of a medicine for a NDA approval. Vitamin's don't require approval. So that leaves research. No manufacturer is going to fund an academic or other type of study to prove their vitamins are effective b/c there isn't any ROI.

So like the ArsTech article said. There is no proven benefit to taking manufactured vitamins, they may be linked to cancers, and eating a balanced diet should provide all the vitamins needed.
omasou Yes, thatís my view. Iím attempting to be open minded that I may be wrong. If there are clinical randomized controlled studies that argue against my view, Iím willing to listen. Thanks for pointing out the link, I will have a look.
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