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Originally Posted by gilberjj View Post
I was a pretty early adopter. We've had a 2013 Nissan Leaf for 4 years now. It's the best around-town car I've ever had. Extremely inexpensive, zippy enough and lots of room.
Our power in the PNW is CHEAP. $0.08/KWh. Regular unleaded is roughly $2.85 right now.
It's in the ballpark of 120 MPGe. Additionally, with regenerative braking, I never use the brakes. The ONLY maintenance to perform is coolant. However, an electric car is much easier on coolant, so it's a non-issue. Literally plug it in and forget about it. No trips to the gas station.
The technology is 100% superior if you can get it to fit into your life. We have another vehicle we use for road trips and towing. Electric cars are the perfect commuter car/2nd vehicle.
Edit: I don't understand why some people rail on electric vehicles. They aren't for everyone, but I've never met someone who purchased an electric vehicle and decided it wasn't for them. There's too many benefits for the few downsides.
Instant torque.
Fewer moving components = great reliability
No emissions testing (if applicable)
The car doesn't need to be warmed up. Get in and drive however you need/want.
Convenient technology such as defrost/heater on a timer so that the car is warm (using house electricity) before you get in it.
Very good post, I agree with this. There is literally no electric car that will match an ICE car at the moment, and that's any category.... range, how fast to fill it up, weight, driver engagement, towing ect ect...

However, electric cars make GREAT backup/2nd cars that you can just pile the boring miles on. Really the only thing that scares me so far about them is the reliability. Yes, far less moving parts, but when things go wrong, it's going to be expensive and will I be able to fix it in the garage?

Still probably worth a punt though, I'm very tempted.
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