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Originally Posted by ShopVac View Post
Time for a few updates....
On an upsetting note - the white shepherd went for her Therapy test last weekend. She did everything perfectly...stayed for 5 minutes in a down position, sat for an additional 2 minutes without moving, didn't take treats from others, full focus, came when she was called...etc (the only dog in the class to do so). Although she was pet by strangers with no issues...the tester (who was clearly nervous of the breed) failed her...stating 'she had a look in her eye'. Little pissed...especially since she was the only dog that did everything perfectly, first time. This white shepherd wouldn't hurt a fly (black and tan will fuck your day on command)....
Don't feel bad or insulted. I think the testers don't like white dogs (actually, bigger dogs).
Little Bear didn't get his certificate because they said he didn't approach people well enough.
We still ended up taking him to 3 nursing homes often (they needed to see rabies papers). The workers & residents loved him. The residents wanted to touch him. One resident stuck her finger in his ear, making him yell in pain, but he took it & showed no ill will towards her.
Easiest dog ever made.
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