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2 track nights a bust !!

Thought I would spend last year's bonus money upgrading my 2011 E89 Z4.
Larger radiator, intercooler, cat-less downpipes, stage 1 Turbos, upgrade charge-pipe, cone intakes. Only did the intakes by myself. Had tuned for all the upgrades. First track - Road Atlanta. First lap out of turn 7, stomp on it and limped back to pits. Showing ABS faults and "park brake"?? Lost money for track time and insurance. Drove to tuner and he changed throttle body because the computer told him it had stuck during ABS engagement. Next track night Atlanta Motorsports Park. Got in about 5 laps. Feelin good that I got in more than one lap - but - this ain't Road Atlanta. On forth or fifth lap, mid turn 13 full throttle. Limp, Limp, Faults on dash - "park brake", ABS symbol, and brake fault. Done for the day. Made it to tuner shop before closing and said he needs to take to Norcross shop and put on dyno to try to duplicate. If nothing than we pay for some laps at AMP and I duplicate it with computer hooked up.
Anyone else had limp mode like this?? Can't the computer read brake issues? My humble guess is that signals to brakes on ABS flash are screwed up. You can probably imagine how much money I am throwing at this! Any clues or advise greatly appreciated. Loosing out on track time and money!
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