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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Mbelgium will continue flogging this particular dead horse for weeks/months to come.
To recap (again).
There was no pre-race directive excluding exceeding track limits at turn 4.
Horner told Verstappen to exceed track limits at turn 4 the same as Hamilton.
During the race, Race control told the Mercedes team that if Hamilton continued exceeding turn 4 track limits he would get a penalty so he stopped.
Verstappen continued to exceed track limits.
Of course all irrelevant to the issue of overtaking while off track.
Imagine the crying and bunching of panties if the roles were reversed and Hamilton had passed Verstappen off track!
They were free to exceed track limits except when suddenly announced overtaking at T4 not to exceed limits when overtaking in progress? What's the difference except selective directive that came into play there while hammy was still leading.
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