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I had found an adapter for a 1/8" to 1/4" line and wasn't sure what it was for. When I looked it up it had mentioned if you don't go bigger you'll likely end up with flutter with an atmospheric bov. So will definitely be ordering the adapter. It was only $80 i think.

VRSF doesn't have the HKS flange, only Tial and Turbosmart =(
So I ordered the ER CP + HKS BOV + DCI
I also have index 12 injectors on order.

Tunes are overwhelming for someone with little experience. It's rough, we used to swap B/D series engines in 2 hours max back in the day but never really got into electronics/tuning. Unfortunately Cobb doesn't support my year Z4 because BMW was using 5 different ECUs at the time apparently. I looked into MHD but the "stage 1" tune looked like it was only 20-30hp gains but 1/5th the price of JB4. From what I thought i gathered, I felt like ~370hp stage 1 was doable. JB4 is a lot to take in. I don't know if it makes sense to get it just for map 1 (which they call 'Map 1: 13psi. Suggested for most racing applications.') or if it's suitable for above mods, how much power to expect. The other features are pretty cool (valet, cold/hot protection, on the fly tuning, in dash UI etc). While reading through the JB4 manual I saw something about it working with MHD, no idea what that's all about. I'm also having a hard time finding out what happens to "normal/sport mode" with these tunes. I still have a bit of research to do I guess.

I want to leave myself open for stage 2 in the future, although unlikely, JB4 seems to do that for me. It hasn't been necessarily easy to look up details on all the possible tunes, which ones are only "hard flash" and which ones have further potential.

For next spring I have my eyes on the Eisenmann exhaust. Also saw the E82/88 1 series performance oem brakes fit.

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