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Drives: 2003 Z4 3.0 6-speed
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First things were first, she needed to be lowered. Did a bit of research and figured I'd try the easy/cheap button and start out with H&R springs. And boy did they do the job, ride height is just right!

But dear lord the ride! It's actually not harsh with stiffer springs, it doesn't bang around or feel jolting. It's just so. damn. bumpy. The stock struts/shocks cannot manage rebound properly with these springs, which can cause a resonant effect. There have been at least two times of note where I've hit a succession of medium sized bumps which have disrupted the car enough that I've almost flown out of my seat! Plus they make my gf nauseous any time she rides in it, so unfortunately they must go. After doing much more research, I decided I'll be going with ST XA coilovers in the near future, as they're made by KW with only a slight difference in material (galvanized steel vs stainless) and are essentially on par with KW V2, which isn't even available for our platform. This give rebound adjustability, which is exactly what seems to be needed right now.

Also did a few smaller mods to get the color scheme on point. Painted kidneys, roll hoops, side markers, and grille inserts gunmetal to match the wheels.

And of course what would this thread be without a list of future mods
  • Android screen to replace missing idrive- ordered
  • ST XA coilovers- ordering
  • 35is brakes
  • 19" bronze wheels/tires
  • M-sport rear bumper
  • Dual Varex internal bypass exhaust?- still deciding
  • Paint correction and ceramic coating

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