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Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
I'm sorry... It's very apparent you're a millennial who's watched a minute of basketball.

And reusing my insult on you is pretty of glib of you...

My point is, there are players, GSW has the #2 best player and maybe the #5. Cavs has the #1...Any addition that fits the team can push them over GSW.

Fuck...For all we know Cavs already have the best possible team. Korver is the #2 career accurate 3 pt shooter among active players, he just didn't perform. Had he shot his pct, series would have been different.

PG13 plays a different game than love. He's a wing scorer. He will give Cavs a different look.

Ya ok, PG is your answer to KD? their best possible team yield 1 win. They had to play super perfect to get 1 at HOME, and so you think PG will get them 3 more. The last thing cavs need is another ISO scorer. GS wanted kyrie and lb to go 1v1 so they can wear themselves out and let them get many times did they get double teamed? Loves gives you spacing/rebounding/outlet passes. what the fuck are you thinking???

You can blame love and korver all you want. But LB played GM he picked them they didnt perform? his fault! had they perform well..hes the best ever right? take the good with the bad man.

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