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Originally Posted by premier3is View Post
It's Chevrolet. What do you expect lol.
It sucks what he is dealing with. There is no excuse for it at all.

However as I stated earlier I have owned 6+ Corvettes and have utterly thrashed every single one of them on the track. Worst experience I had was putting on a set of slicks and breaking a half-shaft.

I guess it's the roll of the dice. Now I haven't had a C7. But my friends have never had issues with theirs except for some of the first few Z06's having some cooling issues.

But they were taken care of.

It could happen with any car. My E46 M3 was a love/hate relationship as I had more problems with it than any other car I had.

Would I own it again...hell yeah!

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control....but the Dealership put the icing on the cake with this one.
Everybody has a gameplan....until they get punched in the mouth.
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