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Originally Posted by jannisa View Post
Hey mate, long time not seen, congrats on your project, that was beyond my imagination.

Is it possible your instability to be down to soft walled tires? I had that issue when on 18s going from rft to contis non-rfts.

Have a good one
Hope all is well Jannisa! Yeah the project suddenly took off, but man it has been time consuming, especially due to lead-time from suppliers and me being in China.

I never used contis, but I remember switching from RFTs to nonRFTs produced a softer feel that was noticeable even at very slow speeds. Obviously the cars oem suspension was also setup for RFTs rather than nonRTFs.

For track fun I started out with AD08R, and now running an even stiffer 07R tire from Zestino. Or at least they felt stiffer when mounting them on the wheels. Planning to try 07RS next.

The delay in steering at high speed seems to correlate with the body roll, which is why I have decided to try stiffer springs. Below 100kmh the car is super responsive, so what this tells me is that the problem is only there when small steering inputs produce larger suspension compression which takes time on soft springs.
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