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My 2011 Z4 has 78,000 miles.

Do I need to change the timing belt/chain?
What engine?

I think timing chains can take twice the miles you have on the car. Or even more. 150k-200k miles.

On N54 you can change chain tensioner. It just screws in from the side of the engine. Front passenger side. And is basically a hydraulic cylinder pushing against the chain guide rail using oil pressure. Oil passages are pretty small and it can get gunked up.

Mine leaked a tiny bit from the washer / gasket thingy so i got a new one.
Had to remove coolant tank to do it... Other than that just screw old one out and new one in, tighten to spec and done... NEVER start the engine while doing it.
It depends on the engine you have. The N20 2L engine from the 18i, 20i and 28i have very weak timing chain kits.

Mine broke this February at 70k miles. I have fairly decent mechanical knowledge so after many hours of research I took the engine out and repaired it myself.

Cost me about £900 in parts from BMW directly and for the timing tools off the web.
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