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Originally Posted by tranquility View Post
Unless one is visually-impaired, one can easily see through the mesh. I'm pretty sure that the BMW engineers know what they are doing. There is no glare at all unlike some plastic thingy.

Like I said, it should have been a no-brainer to put something clear and non-mesh as a deflector, so the very fact said engineers decided to go the opposite route and use something else, i.e. the OEM one, means that such clear/non-mesh method is not as effective and/or safe.

Also, not sure how easily-removable these aftermkt deflectors are, that is another consideration. Don't want something glued there permanently esp during cold weather when top-down is not appropriate.
I'm not sure they did when designing it as they forgot to design something more in keeping with the rest of the car Unless you have x-ray vision its impaired which ever way you look at it. For me personally the clear deflector is a much better solution. As for removing it simples, it just slides out but then you would hardly need to as opposed to the OEM deflector which looks better folded out the way. Anyways this is going off topic, I'm sure some prefer OEM whilst others prefer a better solution.