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Originally Posted by morfinx View Post
But... it's behind you Do you have a remote display unit up front or something?
Most radar detectors Talk and beep. So it's just a matter of listening, it's right next to your ear anyway so it's clear even with the top down and loud music.

I have the same setup on my Lotus Elise, where there's little windscreen space in the first place there so I learned to love this way of setting up a radar detector.

It's totally unobstrusive, clean install, looks great and the pigs can't give you a ticket because there's an obstruction on your windshield. And flexibility to just unhook it and put a camera in it's place is really awesome.

You guys should try it out, it's cheap. All you need is a 15 dollar smartphone holder and i used some industrial strength velcro straps to be able to remove it if i want to.

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