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Id echo the comments on the 35i / 35is

If you are planning to average 300 miles per week then you will probably sooner rather than later hit most of the specific faults relating the the 35i / 35is..

Having had a quite heavily tuned 20i version which is essentially the same car as the 28i Id say that a tuned 28i maybe an option to consider..

A re-mapped / tuned 28i would have the same power n torque as a stock 35i..not a 35is plus its a lighter more nimble car than the 35i/35is.

Of course a few people get excited about the 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder argument.

A re-mapped 28i would eat a 30i which has little room for tweaking.

The other point reference 30i is that production was halted in 2011 so they tend to be older and certainly in the UK tend to less well optioned.
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