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Originally Posted by frchdragon View Post
I travel a lot.. well used to, and I always end up renting from the usual big rental companies. But being able to rent a BMW instead of the plain Jane fair, is very appealing.
As long as the car doesn't break down on me...
Same with airbnb, I always ended up with the big hotels and my perks.

Time to try something new when the world will start to open.
As a Power Host, which is the top tier designation for a host on the platform, our cars must be a in good running condition at all times. Sure there are less than stellar hosts on the platform, as with Airbnb and VRBO. And then are those that are set apart. Look for All-Star and Power Hosts when you look at Turo. It's a seamless rental experience, and most of my guests really enjoy the personal touches working directly with the owner of the business. I do provide the car, but am very much an makeshift travel agent as well. I make suggestions for restaurants, bars, hotels, travel destinations, etc. I try to be as full-service as possible. There are a lot of repeat customers as a result.
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