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Originally Posted by Carjack View Post
As the M-Sport suspension has been deleted would that mean there would be no change on the suspension when the comfort/sport switch is operated?
The UK spec M Sport 35i indeed has an option to delete the M Sport suspension and another option to add the M Sport Adaptive Suspension. The Adaptive suspension option includes a 10mm lowering and electrically adjustable dampers and if that option is added then the "standard" M Sport suspension is deleted.

However it appears that you can opt to delete the M Sport suspension without opting to add the M Sport Adaptive option. If that is the combination on this vehicle you would get a softer suspension but without the lowering or adjustability; selecting Sport or Sport+ would not make any changes to the suspension.

I'd agree with Nick in that I would prefer the vehicle with the adaptive suspension (to get the lowering and also the ability to stiffen up the damping when you need to or want to). Deleting the M Sport suspension without adding the M Sport Adaptive option would provide for a more comfortable ride all the time but give up the ability to stiffen things up a bit.

How significant this may be depends on the view of the driver. I spend most of my driving time in comfort mode anyway and find the ride/handling to be comfortable and satisfying. I use Sport mode more to get the throttle response changes and gearbox speed-up than to get the stiffer damping.

Another thought, is the 35i engine a particularly good one to be fitted in a Z4?
To me a seems to be a rather large engine!
The US spec 35i is 231lbs heavier than the 28i (4 cylinder engine) but the weight distribution is near perfect (49.1%/50.9%). Some reviewers feel the car is more balanced with the 4 cylinder but I for one love the power, smoothness and sounds of the inline 6 (I have a 35is and love love the engine). Both the 35i and the 35is have the N54 which is a wonderful engine.

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