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Originally Posted by Alfisti View Post
I use olive oil 90% of the time, only use canola when i use a higher heat. I'm Maltese, they don't give you a fluffy toy as a baby, they give you a bottle of olive oil. And yes I carry both extra virgin (dressing) and light (cooking)

On eggs, I find breakfast a tricky meal as most everything has sugar in great quantities. Of the 7 days a week, I do 2 days of a low fat, low sugar yoghurt with berries nd a bit of granola, again low sugar and low fat one (some are truly nasty!!). Bread is totally out so I can't eat that so I revert to egg white omelet with a shit ton of spinach, some mushrooms and maybe a touch of really lean ham. I use green onions for flavour, bit of pink salt too.

I share this with my mrs so maybe I am OK to use one egg between us? That'd be about 3 to 4 eggs a week, that sound ok? The one egg between us really changes the flavour, it is much more appetizing and I find if I load it with mushrooms and spinach i don't snack at all right through to lunch.
Haha touche

In this statement is the glimmer of the understanding that is the difference between achieving your goals while enjoying life, and kicking water uphill while making yourself miserable. Satiety is the key, and there is nothing satiating like fats. Things like low fat yogurt and granola are counterproductive, the're broken down almost immediately into glucose which raises your blood sugar and more importantly insulin levels, guaranteeing that you'll be hungry again within the hour. By the same token, dietary cholesterol is almost completely divorced from high serum cholesterol, which is almost entirely due to high insulin levels. Fats are your friend and organic pastured eggs are one of the healthiest, nutrient dense foods that you can eat, your body can make good use of far more than 3 or 4 a week.

These concepts are not new, I began my journey of understanding with a book written 150 yeas ago, it's the forerunner of the current keto/low carb movements and it absolutely works as well now as it did for the author.

Letter on Corpulence, Addressed to the Public
Third Edition
~William Banting

Personal anecdote: I spent most of my life fat and puffy despite trying so hard to follow guidelines and eat and exercise the way I was taught was healthy. I was 50lb overweight with horrible blood markers and all my efforts only made me miserable from lack of satiety and depressed from lack of results. When I finally realized all the things I was taught were either well intentioned but incorrect information or bald faced lies designed to make me consume products and started eating real, whole, high fat foods all that changed. All my peers at this age are still fat and puffy, while I enjoy every meal and am at BMI of 22 with perfect bloodwork markers including cholesterol, despite eating 8-10 eggs a week and copious amounts of bacon.

It would be a good use of your time to watch this video along with all the others on this guy's channel, even if you reject it there's a lot of perspective to be gained.

Best wishes to you on your health journey and a healthy, happy life!
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