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I use olive oil 90% of the time, only use canola when i use a higher heat. I'm Maltese, they don't give you a fluffy toy as a baby, they give you a bottle of olive oil. And yes I carry both extra virgin (dressing) and light (cooking)

On eggs, I find breakfast a tricky meal as most everything has sugar in great quantities. Of the 7 days a week, I do 2 days of a low fat, low sugar yoghurt with berries nd a bit of granola, again low sugar and low fat one (some are truly nasty!!). Bread is totally out so I can't eat that so I revert to egg white omelet with a shit ton of spinach, some mushrooms and maybe a touch of really lean ham. I use green onions for flavour, bit of pink salt too.

I share this with my mrs so maybe I am OK to use one egg between us? That'd be about 3 to 4 eggs a week, that sound ok? The one egg between us really changes the flavour, it is much more appetizing and I find if I load it with mushrooms and spinach i don't snack at all right through to lunch.

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