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In the past large numbers of ppl died in infancy or of traumatic injury or infectious diseases, life expectancy has increased largely because we have better pre and neo natal care and antibiotics as well as trauma surgery. Before the advent of man made oils ischemic heart disease was a relative rarity, it's only in the past 100 yrs or so it has reached epidemic proportions. You're looking at saturated fats and seeing them "coagulate right in front of you" and extrapolating that the fats you eat go directly into your arteries and coagulate causing blockages, but that's not how metabolism works, at all. A large % of your body mass is made up of these very same "coagulated" fats, why would your body produce and store them instead of producing high ALA polyunsaturates?
You've identified processed foods in a box as being unhealthy, and you're correct, and one of the things that makes them so unhealthy is they're in large part comprised of these man made fats. There is nothing consumed that is as highly processed as these oils which are extracted and refined with toxic solvents and ultra high heat levels. If you're still of the belief that animal fats are unhealthy and don't want to eat them at least replace them with olive and coconut oil (coconut oil is the most highly saturated fat of all), you're poisoning your mitochondria with canola, soybean, corn, etc oils.
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