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Originally Posted by taranfx View Post
Thanks for the amazing tip. Front swaybar links are available but i dont see any adjustable swaybar links for rear anywhere. If you see any, feel free to send me a link.
Swaybar preload can change comfort but it shouldnt be dramatically different IMO.

Yes I considered selling them when they were new but I decided against it since I love driving dynamics now. I just decided to not have anyone in the car who would complain about comfort

Stock recommended air pressure 38F and 44R PSI is too high for PS4S I believe. -4 PSI (cold tires) all around helps with comfort. Recommended air pressure of RFTs isn't comfortable with PS4S's stiff sidewall I guess. Also, my tires are upsized i.e 235 and 265 (instead of 225 and 255) so a lower air pressure shouldnt affect traction control or odometer much.

While you're waiting, let me tell you driving dynamics make up for added discomfort. Generally, its only uncomfortable upto 40mph i feel. Anything faster, it feels great.
I will keep an eye out for the rear links.

Im running stock size Supersports and i am using stock pressures. For me the car does not feel right on lower pressures.At least on a street. For track i can see the benefits in lowering pressures for more grip. I have 19` rims that are notorious for cracking on the the rear inside edge (style 296). Running lower pressures with the camber bmw has in the rear is asking for the cracks to appear. Someone here even suggested running higher pressures at the rear to keep rear inside edge from cracking+ of course getting rid of runflats. Your wheels TARANFX im guessing are forged and stronger and you should not have those issues to worry about Additionally you can go on Michelin website select your car and tire and it gives you the pressures Michelin recommends. And for me they were same as stock pressures. i even got Michelin electronic pressure gauge to check my pressures regularly cause Bmw system measuring the rolling diameter actually sucks and is worthless. It notifies you when your tire is already half empty and even that happens when you drive straight on a smoother road for some time for the system to have time to notice the difference in diameters.

On the matter of KW V3 order: Still waiting. Hoping to have them shipped my way on the 12th and arrive on maybe 18th or so. Longest time i have ever waited for anything car related but well good things dont ever happen fast or easily. Saying that i still think that almost 2 month delivery time is a bit ridiculous.

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