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my dumbass college roomate brings a HUGE freezer bag full of various nuts and rasins and puts in our kithcen. philly is already rat central... we are graduating and have a 3 week break before graduation.

come back to apartment....leasing company has been showing our apartment and thus left our bedroom doors open

now I used to see Stuart scurry across the kitchen counter and dive behind the oven many a times...

go into my room... i see pistachio shells on the floor....but i haven't ate any pistachios.

go into a huge pile of clothes and continue to find more pistahio shells. they nested in one my drawers and ate pishathios there...

get to the kitchen...three rats scurry somewhere...

by this time every muscle has locked in my body from fear a little rodent possibly touching my sneakers

return to home base(room)...stare into the mirror and feel as if ive been defeated on the battle field and ready for death

go to kitchen reach behind mini fridge and find said freezer bag with over probably 5 pounds of nuts consumed and about of a pound of raisins left little buggers!!

find and replace rat...mouse lol

totally irreverent but hope yall enjoyed the battle of stuart little.

had to go sleep at my girls apartment and get coddled to soothe my anxiety lol.

gotta seal up the cracks...traps are effective....if your medieval like me....posion is always best