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Originally Posted by roastbeef View Post
i use a sling shot on occasion. it keeps your elbows in and can help train different muscles, particularly triceps. even when i don't use it, i follow the form it trains me to use. i have made significant gains with it. you definitely don't want to have wide elbows as it can jack up your shoulders.
sometimes i use the slingshot, and sometimes i don't. it is just a training tool, and it does help you at the bottom of the lift. i use it to get more reps of the heavier weight with the lesser-used muscles.
the other day, i did ten reps of 315. i usually do four sets of six at 315, but it felt good, so i kept going. occasionally i'll throw in three reps at 365. haven't done a 405 i'm happy with yet (spotting).
Been following Mark Bell for a long time and thatís a great reminder that I need to get one. When I was a novice lifter I benched/did push ups with the ugly flared out elbows but itís so much more comfortable now tucked in at the sides. Your bench is insanely strong. What is your squat/DL?
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