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iTrader: (0) are going to get a lot of different suggestions and do’s and don’ts on this topic. The bottom line is you may have to experiment a bit to find the right combination that works for you. Arkie6 makes a good point keeping it simple.

Eating clean and avoiding processed foods high in sodium and sugar is key. Drink lots of water. Take a probiotic to help aid digestion. Fresh fruits veggies and lean meats. Keep complex carbs to a minimum. Is a good general rule of thumb. You may also want to consider trying intermittent fasting.

As for exercising/training doing bigger more complex total body movements will help tone and shape your body while working multiple muscle groups at once. Keep your workouts fresh and varied, not repeating the same things week after week. Otherwise your body will adapt and change will come to a stop. Although it sounds cliche “Muscle confusion” is a real thing and it works.

Hope this may help a bit....good luck!