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LOL. Everyone thinks that I'm Bruce Lee and that is my own quote. It's actually a quote of the actor/martial artist Bruce Lee not mine.

Sorry, I'm in finance and the only thing I equate to photoshop is that little square building in the middle of parking lots where you go turn in your film.

Well the one prototype they did let us sit in, with the help of one of their employees, was an auto. They didn't tell us what type or how many gears. It did have the paddles like the current 3 series does. Also, they told us that the interior was a rough draft and none of the swtiches or buttons worked. They were careful to watch over us so that we didn't push anything or even touch anything. Say good buy to that bin between the two seats. There is actually a small shelf there with a cargo net about 4 inches deep that runs across the entire car. Oh yeah! Finally she gets dual exhausts! They wouldn't let us look underneath the car, but you just don't miss dual tips.

On another note. They let us open the truck, well they opened it for us and we saw a video of the roof in action. It looks like the exact system from the new 3 series convert. Also, I noticed when folded the glass of the hardtop is on top of the other folded roof panels. Which means when you open the trunk you see the glass on top. Personally, I thought it was a bad design and vulnerable to breaking if you drop something while removing anything from the trunk. I told the guys there so let's hope they can change that around a bit.
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