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Originally Posted by pavproch View Post
As I wrote in the other thread, I probably (for sure, but my wife doesnīt know yet...) will be playing with the brakes of my Zet next winter...

As it comes to the rear setup, I will either leave current one in (300x24 mm OEM) or will have it replaced with 35is (324x20 mm) OEMīs components (I simply want to keep the e-brake functional).

Speaking of the fronts, that M235i Sport brakes (SH2NA) setup you built in attracts me a lot (other Performance BBK options mainly consist of 6pot calipers what seems to me a bit overkill for a mere - tuned though - 30i)...

Will you, please, share those M235i parts numbers you gave in? (I presume you went for slotted/holed rotors?)

And I happen to have several subsequent questions:
1. M235i calipers as you got them - were raw or painted? If the latter, which shade?
2. I suspect you left the current 35is caliper carriers (No. 34116773203) in, didnīt you?
3. Did you have to play with DSC settings afterwards (2pot in front instead of a single one)?

And there is one, rather disturbing thought I am having ref. front axle unsprung weight - that is what I am truly quizzical bout... as per ETK, my current OEM set (330x24mm) weights in total someting like 28kgs (60 pounds) inlc. caliper carriers. The M235i setup + 35is carriers (see question #2 above) might be weighting some 33.8 kgs (72 pounds), which means adding 6pounds per wheel of unsprung weight.... I gather this might compromise carīs driving /steering agility quite a bit...
I did not pain them. I left them the blue that they came with. There was no carrier bracket to unbolt as it is built into the caliper just like the stock unit. It was a simple unbolt old and rebolt new. I did not have to play with any settings on the DSC. It was a simple plug and play install.It took about a hour to do, I left the rear calipers stock and upgraded the rotors, I did not want to loose my ebrake. For rotors up front I went with Stoptec dimpled and slotted 340mm. For the rear the only option for the factory size was powerstop drilled and slotted. As for part numbers for the calipers, I never looked up what they were. A quick search should give you the numbers. I have some pics in my albums of the setup. Also the pics above of the blue M sport brakes are identical to the ones I put on. It looks like BMW uses the same brakes for the new 3 series and 2 series with the M sport packages.
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