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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
Ignoring the obvious hofmeister kink, I see 3 major design queues they both share. Most notable, the major body crease along the side is nearly verbatim. Save that the Merc chose to put the door handle in a random location. The area right before the base of the A pillar, and the geometry around where the M3 side blinker is located. The window layout is also remarkable similar when the door is shut. Though I'll include this as a result of the kink being there.

The roofline in general is similar, but it is a coupe so that is definitely acceptable. Anyways, it's a good looking car. But considering at least how similar the body is to an e92 I don't really share everyone's sudden urge to shun the M3 and rush to the Merc dealership.
I see what you're saying, but considering they're both largely generic designs in terms of what you just listed, I'd chalk it up to coincidence more than anything.

A large number of cars have that character line, and in person they don't look anything alike. The E92's is very sculptural and deep; this looks stamped and chiseled like the one on the C sedan. Not to mention there's only so much you can do along the shoulder area. The E92 has two concave surfaces converging along the line whereas the C's has a convex/convex alignment.

The A-Pillar/Hood shutlines haven't changed from the sedan counterpart, and if you google any modern Benz model, all but the S-Class have that same hood line. The quarter panel treatment is pretty generic AMG fare as well; nothing more than a "6.3 AMG" badge with a small stamped in shape, unlike the M3's vent with the chrome ///M insert.
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