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Originally Posted by 2011z435is View Post
any updates? How are the turbos?
Man its been hectic. My shop was backed up with a ton of work, end of race season so everyone one was there getting work done to squeeze in one more session.

All parts are but I've been having coolant leak issues. We changed a hose, and tightened a drain plug which lasted about a week or so. It looks like "control sleeve " ( what bmw calls it) needs to be replaced.

I've also had a Vanos code pop up twice.

Here at the shop now getting everything fixed so I can get back to data logging.

One last bit...the walbro 525 draws too much voltage which throws a code when I'm in boost. We changed the wire from fuel pump to ekp to a high gauge, and swapped the fuse out. I need to find someone that can reprogram the ekp to accept the high voltage and I think we should be out of the woods. I believe for our needs a 25a fuse should do the job and still be within the limits of the ekp. Other forums have found this solution to work.

I just need to get through this rough patch, and get the flash to the point where the GC Lites are living to their potential.
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