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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
Been dealing with a very tight upper back for almost a year now. Have to constantly roll it out every morning at the gym. Still trying to pinpoint the cause. I feel like I could further improve my posture. Hard to remain focused on keeping my shoulders back all damn day, but I've been doing my best. The tension in my upper back is definitely relieved when squeezing my shoulder blades together. I am at my desk majority of the day which is probably why they feel so tight.
Correct posture seems to be about balance. Keeping the body properly aligned helps to eliminate extra efforts that build the strain. But extra efforts must not be confused with necessary ones: ultimate relaxing builds stress just as well.

To test your posture balance you might wish to use a simple spin jump (like the preliminary exercise here, without any stance, from a simple front standing): can you land back on your feet comfortably? Start with a 90 degrees turn and proceed to 360 (90, 180, 270, 360).

With a back strain it's worth it to look at your abdominals. Opposite muscles should be developed in balance as well. It's not how good your abs are, it's how good they are for your back: if your back is overdone even good abs can be not enough to maintain the correct posture.

And, of course, stretching should not be overlooked either.

Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
On a side note, does anyone else get minorly frustrated when you've seen others in the gym for well over a year now, but they are not making any progress? Not like I know or even talk to them, but I don't understand why they are wasting their time rather then committing to improvement. I mean half the battle is already being accomplished when they are at the gym, so what are they doing at home to prevent themselves from moving forward!?!? Anyways rant over lol, my frustration is for a good cause, but nothing will benefit from it. I don't have the gall to actually tell someone that to their face lol.
What's your concern about others? Do you guide them towards the progress they fail to achieve? Charging money? Achieving progress takes both determination and correct application. That is, they train either not hard enough or ineffectively. Or both. If you think just being at the gym counts look at them again.

Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
Anyone have any advice on how to reduce "back fat."
Convert it into muscles. Don't worry, huge muscles aren't easy to build, mind your diet here. Basically, more repetitions, less burden reduce the volume, provide "definition". The most basic exercises for upper back/body are pull ups and push ups. (The latter take no equipment and can be done anywhere anytime!) There are easy versions of both exercises as well, if you like.
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