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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
No no, it's the mornings I can't work out. I've done morning workouts before with girlfriends and I just can't keep up. I have to eat and let the food digest before a workout and I dont have time to eat in the mornings, that early. I remember I was about to faint at the gym during a 4:30 AM workout from not having anything in my stomach and trying to lift weights. That's why I prefer working out in the evenings, when I've had two-three meals in me by that time, but I find I still get tired pretty quickly after 40 minutes.

Haha, you're right I'm not deadlifting anything, period. I just like the instant kick it gives me. I feel like I could lift a car and turn into the hulk for 30 seconds. It's amazing. But man does it stink!

I will look into the amino blend right now!
Oh my bad, misunderstood. If you are adamant on trying to workout in the morning, only thing I can recommend is to eat a granola bar or something light and carb based right when you wake up (at least 30mins prior to working out). Other then that just make sure you are hydrated when you go to sleep the night prior. Rest should just be a mental battle to grind through it lol. I start my mornings with a big glass of water and 8oz of coffee then I'm off to the gym (wouldn't recommend this, a lot of fluid for an empty stomach, but it doesnt bother me fortunately). If you want to take pre-workout just make sure you get something in your stomach first.

Yeah the salt will definitely put a little pep in your step haha, borderline too much.

You can also look up intra-workout blends, they are focused on keeping you going throughout the workout. Similar to the amino-energy blends just without the caffeine.

Also I'd hit up rebekahb in regards to where you can workout after your move. I believe she is in SE Louisiana and quite familiar with the area.
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