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Originally Posted by Sara504 View Post
How accurate are those handheld devices at the gym that measures your body fat? You hold it in your hands and it supposedly calculates with electrodes or some shit like that. The guy at the gym told me it was 99% accurate. That fucking device reading said that I am 39% body fat. I don't get offended easily, but I was offended! Do I really look like I'm almost 40% body fat??? I mean yeah, I like to eat Oreos and ice cream, but not every day. I think I eat pretty good, but obviously could be better.

So I need to cut out the sweets, do full body workouts and not just work my arms and back to reduce the muffin top I have?

It's not horrible, but it bothers me to see it in the mirror.
Bingo. Yeah definitely not that noticeable, so I wouldnt be overly concerned. You really don't have much to loss, hence just doing more intense full body workouts might work, but obviously any improvements to your diet will expedite those results.

I don't trust majority of the devices that measure body fat, and honestly that is just a number so who cares anyway. I stick to the old mirror check method, weight/numbers dont mean anything. All about how you look in the mirror at the end of the day. You're far from 40% bf so don't worry haha, my scale tells me I am close to 30%bf some days. That usually just makes me laugh "dang I look pretty solid for being obese!".
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