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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Good post.

Age plays a big role too. The older you get, the more sensitive your body is likely to become to dietary choices and the more likely it is to expose lapses, gaps, or inadequacies in your workout routine.

As long as your body fat level is not approaching an unhealthily low percentage, and as long as you are prepared to commit to the fight against perhaps increasingly diminishing returns, what I would say to Sara504 is to carefully watch what you eat, and increase/vary your cardiovascular activity. Cut down on whatever foods your particular physiology tends to respond negatively to the most (track it if you need to in order to keep yourself honest). And increase activity in whatever areas your body type tends to respond to the most positively.

At my age, I find that very small changes to inputs (food and diet, but also stress/anxiety) can make noticeable differences. It takes a lot of discipline, and just a couple days of being "off program" can be the difference between seeing that ever so slight "muffin top" (to borrow Sara504's very eloquent imagery ) above the wasteband of my workout attire at the end of the week or not.
I'm definitely not 21 anymore (though botox keeps me looking that way, ha). I'm currently moving and extremely stressed the F out with that. Starting a new job in 10 days, moving 7 states away for this job, I'm trying my best to remain sane during this time. I canceled my gym membership here, obviously, and I fully intend on joining a gym in Louisiana once I get there. My current routine is 3-4 days a week in the evening. Warm up 20 minutes running the stairs, and then hitting weights for 20 minutes. But I find I'm not doing something right as the muffin top is still there in my back area. I hate it.

Anyone in South East Louisiana area who would like to coach me for one session to figure out what I'm doing wrong? I could be using the machines completely wrong. I think as stated earlier, I'm not doing full body and was previously only trying to target my back and arms (while eating Oreos).
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