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I am not sure if anyone really reads topic in here, but i figured i would give it a shot. I recently began usign Advocare prducts. I am also selling for them, Lame i know, but it's in order to try and gain some extra dough to buy toys for my 328i. If you guys are not sure what advocare is, you should go on their website at and look into!

I started the 24 day challenge 12 days ago and have lost 8-9 pounds already. It is a High protein, low carb and calorie diet. It gives you cleansing supplements with fiber drinks and a energy supplement (help to replace caffiene drinkers) It also comes with meal replacements, catalysts pills (helps maintain lean muscle while dieting), and also a workout dvd to use while dieting.

If you guys are looking to get in good shape or shred a few pounds, definetely give this a look. Give me a PM if you are interested in buying some supplements! It's for a good cause, ou can get into better shape, and you can help me get some cool toys for my car!