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I went ceramic coated (black) with race cats - sounds awesome and really improved the sound of the Eisenmann Race exhaust. If these DPs were available when we first bought the car I would have forgone the $3k Eisenmann exhaust and installed catless AR DPs and then done the golf tee mod. However, the awesome exhaust deleted the secondary cats so if I had run the catless DPs it would have been way too loud (not to mention very illegal as opposed to just a little illegal).

The early verdict is that the DPs have made the exhaust note much deeper and the drone of the race exhaust is gone - I love them. There is also probably more power and less lag, at least my butt tells me so, but, honestly, with a Stett FMIC, ESS stage 1, Eisenmann Race and now these DPS, the power is awesome and it gets to a point where I can't tell the difference although the car is running in perfect, mildly modified harmony.