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We installed MMP silicone inlets and outlets. They are a tight but reasonable fit. I am certainly pleased with them. That said we were not fans of the zip tie them to whatever approach. I'll eventually take some better pictures, but we're working on a few mounts to help hold things in place. The brackets at the alternator will eventually be made in the machine shop, but we had to model up some stuff with 1/8" aluminum to figure it out. Also note the 2 1/2" 45 degree aluminum tubing used to mount the Burger filters. Again I will post some specific photos on the MMP installation when I get the chance.

We also pulled the DME wiring and did some rerouting in the box, so we could run the second (smaller) transmission loom on a different path, clearing more room for the intake. As well we tied the A/C line to the firewall brace to help establish more intake space. While the vacuum brake booster line is not in the way, it bugs me to have that line just hanging out up there. We've talked about replumbing that ... but for now, I'm not worrying about it too much.

We currently don't have the MMP outlet tube installed, since the exhaust fab guys need access the the VRSF downpipes. We decided to have them modify the Bank 2 downpipe as clearance was not adequate to our liking. It's a tight fit where the pipes go through the subframe / engine mount area. We expect a more gradual turndown of Bank 2's pipe will give more clearance. As well we are discussing with the exhaust fab guys the possibility of cutting off the constriction flange and going full width to the rest of the exhaust, attached with V-band clamps. We'll see what they say, in-person, on Wednesday.

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