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Originally Posted by IllSic_Design View Post
Because what is the actual real life use-case/utility? Yeah I see what they want to do with it but it also has to make sense, and idk if it really has a use case that will be put to use. Just my opinion, as I haven't done a TON of research on it, because I also didn't really put much into it. Maybe you can convince me/show me proof otherwise?

EDIT: just looked more, they want to do remittance and payments for the unbanked and such..... I already have a project I 100% believe in for that...... $XRP . That's why it's not long term for me.
Yeah I had xrp at 22 cents since 2017. and converted it to more tel. Tel actually has a working product, Unlike xrp. Canít go wrong with either tbh. Will check back EOY with you. See you on the moon.
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