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Time line?

I believe I can say we share very similar experience.
I just ordered a 2013 z4 as well (From NJ), and the tracking shows "Production Starts" last week.

Could you please share some more detailed time lines about the production--deliver--etc ?

Thanks very much!

Originally Posted by Amylovebus View Post
Hi all!

Well for the past few days, my Bimmer's cargo ship, the California Highway, has been MIA so to speak. The CH made two ports and is enroute to the US. The last time I was able to track the CH, it was in the English Channel. I read on another post somewhere that there will be a portion of the English Channel where the ship is 'out of range' and I won't be able to track it. I gotta tell ya...
it's driving me insane!!

Hopefully all is well on the CH and it will come in way behind Hurricane Sandy and her aftermath! [praying for all those affected by this storm!]
The ship isn't scheduled to hit the US (Baltimore) until the
4th and then expected to reach my Bimmer's drop off point in Georgia on the
7th. This waiting sucks!!