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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
This isn't how F1 tires work. The best way to keep F1 tires operational is to prevent them from sliding and thereby generating additional heat. This is accomplished with a strong front end and high downforce at the rear. Further, the RB16-B is noted for bringing the tires up to their operating temperature quickly and the W12 slowly. These are characteristics of the High Rake design vs the Low Rake design.

Conversely, the low rake and longer wheelbase design of W12 gives it more time to manage the airflow over the car but has the challenge in this rules iteration of less downforce from the floor. This is the reason for the rear being unstable and, traditionally, they can only combat by adding more wing. Mercedes has another solution but we don't know that is yet.

Now onto the actual facts. Sir Lewis has the ability to sit on the gearbox of rivals lap after lap after lap then plan a devastating attack...even if that rival is his own team mate as we saw during this race. Sir Lewis and VER had tires of the same age at the start. Sir Lewis made his last much longer and would have passed VER had VER stayed out. It was inevitable.

For those watching F1 who are students of the sport, this race was a clinic. What we learned:

The Illegal Torque management of the RB combined with VER being over the yellow start mark (which was ignored by the can clearly be seen on the video) in addition to more quickly firing up the tires gave it an early advantage.

Sir Lewis plays the LONG GAME. He backed out of the Mad Max pass in Turn One and just sat on his gearbox in highly energized air without losing pace. The pundits got it all wrong.

In the theme of the long game, HAM picked his place to pass with care and, as on the first lap, backs off to fight in his time and at his position on the track.

Max brought his car in too early for the first pit stop and cost himself over 2 seconds in extra time.

Sir Lewis and his tire management offer strategic options that no other team has. This was a redux of Hungary 2019. Sir Lewis delivered the laps necessary to make it work.

Lastly, the HAM-Merc Combination is almost unbeatable with 3 wins from 4 races against the faster RB16B.

A masterclass.

I've just read the article myself and certainly it was on the last two races that Merc had a tyre advantage over a tyre change window time though it won't be like that at all tracks, certainly not the next one.
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