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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Very good post, I agree with this. There is literally no electric car that will match an ICE car at the moment, and that's any category.... range, how fast to fill it up, weight, driver engagement, towing ect ect...

However, electric cars make GREAT backup/2nd cars that you can just pile the boring miles on. Really the only thing that scares me so far about them is the reliability. Yes, far less moving parts, but when things go wrong, it's going to be expensive and will I be able to fix it in the garage?

Still probably worth a punt though, I'm very tempted.
I disagree on the "any category". EV's are better than ICE when it comes to cost to fuel, maintenance, repair (should be), ease of daily use (if we bought one it would 100% be fueled at home and we wouldn't miss the gas station "experience") and reduced CO2. Like every other vehicle, none of them win in all categories. We don't have an SUV and both of my cars are RWD (wife's FWD) even though a small part of the time I would like an SUV and AWD.

There is no sports that will match a Honda Fit in most categories and the "better" car is an potential buyers decision and depends on what is important to you.

With the "what will I be able to fix in my garage" - car makers estimate the hours to build an EV are 30% less, before you worry about what you can fix you have to figure out what you expect will break and the number of components and complexity of what it going on is drastically reduced. How many sensors and moving parts are on a typical ICE today? The battery is the only thing that worries me at all long term. Electric motors, driving the wheels are extremely reliable and removing the transmission greatly helps overall.

There are a lot of things I don't like about EV's but long term reliability isn't one of them.
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