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Originally Posted by The J-Man View Post
I view it like this:
You buy an electric car today, youíre buying the worst example of an electric car that mankind will ever produce.

You buy an ICE car today, youíre buying the best example of an ICE car that mankind will ever produce.

The choice is simple in that context. Iím not buying another electric car until ICE is dead.
I see what you mean, but I don't necessarily agree. I think personally the high water mark of ICE engine was late 2000's, when most engines were still NA. That is when things were truly special IMHO. You do have some great turbocharged engines these days of course, which technically make more power and are more fuel efficient, but in terms of pure emotions, it's going backwards.

I did read somewhere that we're not too far from manufacturers freezing ICE engine development at this point though, but I do think cars are more compromised than they used to be.

Originally Posted by GenXer View Post
I finally went and bought a plug in electric Chevy Volt.

It still has plenty of warranties left and still in excellent condition.

I opted to make a payment on it since interest is only 4.2%

My payment is $257/month
Insurance $50/month

Fuel and electricity will be the attractive end of this deal.

The battery only mode is good for 53 miles. If I can charge it at work too that would be ideal.

I still have 3 days to decide whether to get an all electric Bolt for $50 more a month as part of the deal.

But I've been known to leave my phone uncharged before and ran out of juice in the middle of the day. It's easier to charge a phone than a car and you can't call AAA to come and give you a splash of electricity. At least not yet.

I know the full electric camp will think it's half ass and the gasoline only camp will think it's a waste but I think it makes sense to me at this time.

I did have a chat with my electrician friend about installing a 220v charge port but since I can get away with 12 hours charging on 110v, I'm holding off for the time being. Plus I feel bad imposing on a friend.

But I'm digging the battery only mode. The 293lb-ft torque of this little car is addictive.
Wow that escalated quick, congrats. Can't really beat that price to experiment with. Look forward to your feedback as you use it. I think in your case, PHEV makes more sense since you have a long commute.
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